Points Plus

I am a WeightWatchers member.  I joined some nine months ago with little success.  There are many reasons why but one of the main reasons is that I was too big for the program.  Back then, the most daily points a person could be allotted was 44.  The system is based on those points.  Each food item or ingredient is assigned a point value.  You add up what you eat and you keep below your daily allotment.  When I started the program I was hungry all the time.  Over time, I never really lost weight and I was becoming more and more frustrated.  I got to the point where I stopped trying.

Last fall, WeightWatchers came out with a new point system.  Not only are the foods rated differently but so are the people.  I now have over 70 points to use in a day.  As I kept track of my food today, I saw that my food was worth more points than it used to be.  The points added up faster than they used to but after a full lunch and a full dinner, I was out of points and I felt full.  I don’t know how this is going to turn out and I don’t know if I’ll lose weight but we’ll see.

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