A Picture of a Picture

I’m making great progress with my Project365.  With today’s photo I have completed the first two weeks of the year.  I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve been using recent photos.  I don’t think that I could take a new one every day and keep up with that.  All of the shots except for day 12 are recent.  I have taken the spirit of the project to be that I will shoot at least 365 shots over the course of 2011 and I will process at least 365 shots (or not, if they’re good enough) and I will post those 365 shots on the web.

I’m probably restating what I said the first time I brought up this project so I won’t ramble any more than I have.  I’ll leave you with my 14th picture:

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2 Responses to A Picture of a Picture

  1. Joshua Post says:

    Keep it up. I’m taking the project as a way to try to make myself conscious of photography opportunities each day and to try to see things through the lens. I hope that when it is daylight after work I can have more chances to get shots, but for now, a lot of them will be inside the house.

    • The lack of daylight is killing me. I like using my tripod as much as the next guy but I don’t like standing in the 20 degree dark trying to get a shot. I’m planning on going for a walk or two this weekend so I can shoot my apartment complex covered in snow. I’ve wanted to go all week but I want to go while it’s still light so I can keep moving while I’m doing it.

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