Star Trek XI

I love the Star Trek movie that came out in 2009.  I’m home sick today and I’m watching it on Blu-Ray for the first time.  I just love it.  I am a life-long fan of Star Trek starting with growing up with the original series.

I liked this movie when I first saw it in theaters but now, with repeated viewings, I love it.  I love the casting and the actors’ chemistry.  That’s one of the best things about this film.  For me, Star Trek has always been about the characters, their interactions and their struggles.

I also love that Star Trek is a fun, exciting action movie.  The film introduces a new generation of movie goers to the Trek universe.  Star Trek is a good movie for people new to ‘Trek’.  It doesn’t have the greatest story, blah blah but it’s fun and it is, for sure, Star Trek.

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One Response to Star Trek XI

  1. Emily says:

    I totally agree! I was blown away in the theatre, and it does get better each time I watch it. I was never a Capt Kirk girl (hard to be when the only Kirk we knew was portrayed by Shatner *shiver*)…but Chris Pine… *swoon* 😉

    I also like that it is a different interpretation of the original story. I truly hope they make more!

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