Points Plus

I am a WeightWatchers member.  I joined some nine months ago with little success.  There are many reasons why but one of the main reasons is that I was too big for the program. Continue reading

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Day 1 of Project 365

This is the first picture.  It’s of my cousin’s family that I took at our family’s Christmas party.  These will be named Day x of y on my Flickr page where x is the day of the month and y is the number of the month.  That will be easy for me to keep track of so I don’t get lost.  I don’t want to end up at Day 337 next December 31st. Continue reading

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365 in 2011

Starting January first, I am going to do my very best to do a 365 project. A project where I will attempt to shoot a new picture every day for a year. That probably won’t happen but I am going to make my best effort to upload something every day. I’m going to be putting these pictures on my Flickr and posting about some of them here.

Lets see what happens…

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Second First Christmas

I’m getting ready to spend my first Christmas somewhere other than my parent’s house. I’ll see them on Christmas day but I won’t wake up at their house. Continue reading

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Jabba The Snow ^.^

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Christmas Eve, 2010

This is my first post on this blog.  I started this blog to talk about what’s going on with me.  After the holidays are over, I’m going to start working towards loosing 100 pounds.  I’ll still probably be overweight but it’ll be better than now.  I’ll talk about my progress with that here.  I’m a die hard fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and Rams.  I’ll be posting about them often.  I also love cars and car culture.  That will definitely get talked about.

Basically, that’s this blog in a nutshell.

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